Traditional Vs Modern Hiring

Why Do Traditional Hiring Methods No Longer Work

One may argue that the most important task that your company has to undertake is recruitment. Finding new talent in the market is incredibly difficult. HR managers across the country have tried different methods to find the best possible candidates for their organizations. The employee is an integral part of the organization & recruiting new employees who will improve the organization and take it forward is easier said than done.

There is a big difference between the techniques employed in traditional and modern recruitment methods from time taken to costs incurred to the outcomes of talent value. An HR leader knows this best.

In the Black & White era of HR recruitment, things were simpler and peaceful than today. And why not- the demands, challenges, and options that HR managers had then were very unlike today. The world has changed. It is going to change even more. 

Traditional Vs. Modern Hiring Methods: What has changed?

In the past, recruiting was often a reactive process firm engaged in periodically when a position needed to fill. However, more companies see the recruiting function as a strategic imperative and an ongoing process. 

What is recruitment? 

Recruitment can define as attracting suitably qualified employees at the right time in the correct position. According to Yoder recruitment, is a process to discover the sources of manpower to meet the requirements of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an efficient working force.

Recruitment is not an easy task because the success of every company depends on the quality and talent of the human resources that’s why every human resources manager uses a different type of recruitment method. comparing all the recruitment methods which are practice by HR managers can be divided into two parts like traditional recruitment methods and modern recruitment methods.

Traditional recruitment and selection techniques:

Different traditional methods were used and are still being used by the organization during the selection process. For instance, interviews dialogues that involve an individual or several people who try to get information from the candidate. Traditionally background checks were done by calling previous employers or asking for a referral letter that the candidate has to provide. On the other hand, this method of background checking is regarded as unreliable selection decision-making should not be based upon these methods. This is because a candidate gets to choose who writes the letter. Therefore, the person could have been a friend and would not say things as they are, in other words, these people turn to be biased. As it has already been mentioned, technology has changed almost all aspects of how organizations should operate. Selections have been affected by these changes in the following paragraphs this will elaborate more.

Traditional recruitment and selection techniques

Let us first look into what are these traditional hiring techniques:

Traditional Recruiting Methods:

1. Newspapers:

Newspapers are among the oldest methods of communicating about vacancies to people. They are read by a segment of people even today.

2. Local Employment Office Postings:

Many organizations have employed recruitment methods based on postings at local unemployment offices. There are bound to be people looking for a job & you are likely to find all types and sorts of employees.

3. Hiring Internally:

It is a time-tested method and one of the easiest methods to hire the right person for the job. The team knows the existing employees and their potential, working styles, background, and performance. Hence internal hiring works well.

4. Temporary Employment Agencies:

Temporary Employment Agencies are one of the most used methods for shortlisting candidates and finding people who suit the organization’s preferences and experience requirements.

The Modern Recruitment Methods:

The 21st century has seen a significant rise in technology and has seen modern-day recruitment methods grow in influence and make a difference in landing candidates for organizations all over the United States.

1. The Power of Social Media:

It is common to use the services of social media when you are recruiting. It is less expensive and allows you to form a vast pool of potential candidates in a short period. Social media websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have communities where potential employees submit their resumes and credentials in the hope of landing a job.

2. Event recruitment: 

Companies sponsor events that reflect their ethics and values. It is to show their association the values and gain popularity. Lots of like-minded people are part of such events, and it is a great way to reach a wide net of people.

3. Re-recruiting: 

Some qualified experience employees will be left from the company because of the location change and big salary. Let them know that they are welcome back. The company does not need to train them again and can save training costs.

Employers prefer to use the internet because it is quicker and cheaper. They find the information to be very relevant for the available job. Apart from google sources like LinkedIn and Facebook have been useful in recruiting and selecting employees. There are some cases when information that is obtained from these sights is not relevant for the job or unintended recruiters still use it to make decisions on selection. In addition to irrelevance, information that is found online tends to be also inaccurate in some cases. 

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