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Hiring & Recruitment has never been so affordable, Hire@ Costs less than your Yearly Netflix Subscription.

Annual Membership

Yearly Services

We at Hire@ are offering yearly memberships for startups and companies in which we provide Year Around Hiring Support, Unlimited Hiring, HR Management Planning, Employee Up skilling, Interns and Much more







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These are some of the questions which people ask us most often, If you want to know more about Hire@ or any of its services feel free to Contact us.

If you only need to hire once or twice a year then you should buy monthly services. But if you need to hire every month, We recommend annual subscription. 

Annual Subscription covers all the required services for a company with moderate hiring needs. Enterprise is for Companies with heavy hiring requirements.

Hire@ runs multiple hiring campaigns for various positions and skill requirements to help Its users in hiring a larger number of employees. 

Dedicated Hiring Campaigns are for Companies that require constant flow of a particular position or skills. So Hire@ runs dedicated campaigns for them. 

Keeping up with the changing trends in work and fast paced changes in tech makes it a challenge for companies of all shapes and sizes to keep its employees up to date. While technology creates powerful business tools, it also creates skills gaps, Hire@ Up skilling programs helps your employees stay updated and work ready with the latest and most effective tools to increase work productivity and efficiency.

Candidates we recommend as Interns are usually in college or have just finished college, College students are much more energetic and curious about everything. Hiring an Intern brings on new perspective, energy and fresh ideas to the table. Hiring Interns is also a great way of looking for potential employees.