How To Improve Employee Engagement

How To Improve Employee Engagement

Today more than ever, organizations rely on the energy, commitment, and engagement of their workforce to survive and thrive in the twenty-first century. 

What Is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is a sense of purpose at work that creates extra energy and commitment. It is clear that employee engagement and well-being are connected — and we know that research shows engaged employees mean better business results. 

Employee Engagement is the strength of the mental and emotional connection towards the work they do and the organization. Employee engagement affects just about every aspect of your company, including profitability, revenue, customer experience, employee turnover, and more.

Improving employee engagement requires buy-in from your entire leadership team, and a successful engagement strategy warrants thoughtful planning. Do not let that deter you; a highly engaged workforce will boost an organization’s profitability, productivity, and retention. 

Your employees are the secret sauce to the success of your business. Many companies may view their products as their asset, they are failing to notice that their people are what make their cogs turn.

How To Improve Employee Engagement

To help you increase employee engagement, we decided to share a couple of our secrets on how to increase employee engagement at the workplace:

Encourage Flexibility:

One of the secrets on how to increase employee engagement in the workplace is by giving flexibility to your employees. It gives your employees the freedom to adjust their work schedules or location to better suit their needs.

Not many employers trust their employees in getting the work done without their manager’s watchful eyes but you would be surprised. When given flexible hours instead of the rigid 8 – 5 timings, people tend to be more productive, happier, and more engaged at the workplace.

Higher Employee Retention:

Engaged employees don’t have a reason to look elsewhere for work, therefore a company’s employee retention improves as;

  • They know they will be recognized and appreciated for their contributions.
  • They see opportunities for professional growth and career development.
  • They understand when business change happens and why.

All of these factors help improve employee engagement and establish trust between the workforce and their employer.

Empower Employees And Help Find Meaning:

Push decision-making autonomy to the front lines. When you empower employees to step up, make their own decisions and pave their path to success, you create a better workplace culture. Create mechanisms for employees to have a say and follow up by taking action based on what you hear. Encourage managers to talk to employees about how they contribute to the overall mission of the company.

Learning Lunches:

Learning lunches are the perfect way to bring your team together and help them learn. Encourage different departments to share what they’re working on, recognize birthdays, and tackle a new topic as a team. Bitly hosts lunch and learns once per week because they build community, foster learning, and helps with transparency. Just make sure they’re short and sweet, not boring. No one wants to have a long lunch meeting. Keep these lunches light and fun!

Task Meaningful Work:

Engaged employees are doing meaningful work and have a clear understanding of how they contribute to the company’s mission, purpose, and strategic objectives. Again, this is why they first have to be placed in the right role. I have made the mistake of hiring great talent just to get them in the door – but didn’t have a clear career path or role for them. If you don’t sort those details out quickly, they will leave.

Prioritize Physical And Mental Health:

It’s easy for individuals to engage with their work when the organization makes an effort to enhance their overall well-being. A company-wide wellness initiative is a great way to improve employee engagement. Sponsor workout classes as company outings and, as a long-term solution, consider offering fitness subsidies to encourage healthy lifestyles beyond the office.

Offer meditation classes and encourage employees to take mental health days when they need to step away from the office and focus on themselves. Additionally, stock the kitchen with healthy snacks that will fuel employees during the busy workday.

React To Issues Quickly:

Employees won’t savage the company on social media in the way an irate customer might, (although forums like give them a platform to do so now!) but reacting to issues quickly shows people they are valued. 

Listen to them and try to solve their problems, just as you would with customer complaints. People want to do excellent work that has meaning they want to move the needle and get results for their company: giving them what they need is a huge win-win.

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