How to Answer Tell Me Something About Yourself for Freshers

How to Answer “Tell Me Something About Yourself” for Freshers

Every recruiter has asked this question almost every time they meet a new candidate.

Tell Me Something About Yourself

Recruiters only know you from what you put on your resume (and maybe from a brief conversation on the phone), so they want to get to know you better. The ‘tell me about yourself question is really important since it allows you to guide the interview.

This question is the core question.

So, if you are a fresher who’s preparing for their first job interview, you need to know how to answer “Tell me something about yourself” to begin the session.

Although these are important, you need to be aware of the context while you are answering. Some of the standard answers include your :

  • name
  • your educational qualifications
  • talking about hobbies
  • Goals
  • Strengths & Weakness

Before answering this question you must understand the purpose behind it. The answer to this question reflects what you think about yourself.

Giving a good answer means that you will create a positive impression on the interview. Do some practice on how to tell about yourself in the interview. However, make sure when your answer should not sound like you are repeating like a parrot.

One should take the opportunity to show his/her communication skills by speaking clearly and concisely in an organized manner.

Here are some tips to answer “Tell Me Something About Yourself

It may seem simple after all you know about yourself but once taken the interview into account it becomes a broad and open-end question.

The hiring manager is more interested in knowing what they have learned during their time in university. Highlighting more about your learning and achievements will further take the discussion on a positive side. If you have done any internship then highlighting your experience pertinent to the current job opening will build the platform for further discussion about your suitability.

Don’t try to answer questions in a hurry.

Take appropriate pauses between the sentences. In your resume don’t add too much stuff which is not necessary. The interviewer is not at all interested in extra stuff in your resume and he may gets confused when going through your resume.

  • Be confident while telling your story.
  • Use excitement to convey your passion and slow down whenever you’ve to.
  • Smile and proper eye contact are the keys.
  • Avoid using Superlatives.
  • Don’t digress while talking. Speak only what is relevant to the job description can assure you that preparing this question with the template provided above will give you optimal confidence to ace any interview.

Research about the company

Before going for an interview prepare yourself, do research.

No matter what kind of job position you may be interviewing for the hiring manager may ask you this question- “What do you know about our company?”.

Companies love to hire people who are aware of the industry they are going to serve. Knowing what the company does, the industry it serves, its business areas, key executive people, competitors, services and product, competitor and revenue, etc, ensures that you are really interested and have done research about the company.

Be yourself

You’re just getting to know each other. This is like a coffee date. So make sure that you present your best self. Lead with your strong foot forward.

Keep it professional

  • Focus on details and outcomes you can quantify
  • Avoid summarising your resume word for word
  • Mention past experiences and proven successes
  • Highlight your personality
  • Connect your skills to the job description

We have collected some of the best replies, some of the best responses to this question.

Wondering how to combine these factors into an answer? Here are some sample answers to the HR interview question “Tell me something about yourself”.

Example- 1

  • I am Krishna Agarwal S/o Mr. Prakash Agarwal from Kolkata
  • Regarding my academic qualification, I have crossed 12th standers with first division from WB Board Kolkata and now my educational qualification I am a graduate of a computer from Howrah West Bengal.
  • If I say something about my strength & weakness then I can say one thing. In the modern time, there is no one have some strength & weakness.
  • My strength is my confidence, my parents, my friends, all who support me very much.
  • Apart from all that I have positive thinking & my communication skills.
  • My weakness is traveling & watching new Channel.

Example- 2

Hi, I am ………(name) from ………(place). I completed my ………. (course) from …………(college) which is affiliated to ……………(university). I completed my twelfth grade from …………………. (school) with 9X% from CBSE Boards. My family includes my father who is a Lawyer, my mother who is a housewife, and my brother who is pursuing his MS in Computer Science.

I am also interested in ……………… (mention any specific hobbies/interests that are relevant to the job). Currently, I am learning/practicing ……………… (stuff that will help you in the job).

Example- 3

First of all, many thanks for calling me and giving me this golden opportunity to introduce myself in front of you. I myself Priya Wankhade from Patna was born and brought up in this great city. I love my family very much, my father is in the Indian Navy, my mother is a housewife.

As a fresher, I don’t have any work experience, but I am very passionate to work. My goal is to build a successful career.

My strengths are laborious, positive attitude, punctuality, and strong management skills. My weakness is, I can’t sit in one place for longer periods. My hobbies are watching T.V, listening to pop songs, playing video games & indoor games, and eating Mexican food.

That’s all about me. Thanks again for giving me this golden chance.

Hope this helped — “all the best” for the first interview.

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