How Remote hiring works

How Remote hiring works?

It is becoming increasingly necessary for businesses to hire from around the world in their search for the best talent to add to their teams. Remote hiring makes it easy to find the best talent. Anyone with access to the internet becomes a potential candidate.

What is Remote hiring?

Remote hiring or remote recruitment is the process of sourcing, assessing, shortlisting, and selecting candidates through online or remote methods such as automated sourcing and screening, online assessments, video interviews, behavioral tests, and more using a remote hiring software.

Hiring remote employees comes with its own set of challenges, but there are still lots of ways to find them.

COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the way organizations conduct business. In 2020 – 2021 companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Shopify have announced plans to allow some or all employees to work from home indefinitely.

In some areas, remote work will remain the best temporary option as the country slowly opens.

Identify whom you want to employee

The question employers are now asking is how to create and implement a fully remote hiring process. The first failure point of hiring is not being crystal clear about what you really want the person you hire to accomplish. Having a way to document your decision-making process will help bring clarity around who you want to hire.

Assemble your hiring team or discuss who needs to be involved in the hiring process. Write the job description, making sure to include key terms to identify it as a remote job and to attract self-motivated, organized, adaptable remote workers.

Since location isn’t a factor, you can hire people who work around the globe

Enabling anytime-anywhere hiring. Look for talent in the right places.

With employees working from home or shared cowering spaces, office costs, including rent, workspaces, food and beverages, utilities, and other office management items are greatly reduced. Employees are saving thousands of dollars from this.

With how far technology has come today, there are tools and services in the market that enable you to do all of the above with a single platform. Different screening processes including a skills assessment test or project is typically involved in this process.

You can find such recruitment tools that meet your criteria, fit your recruitment process well, and also fall within your budget. 

Are they eligible for work ?

 Evaluate skills of remote workers through relevant, realistic experiences. The candidate experience should be top of mind.

In addition to changing attitudes toward remote hiring, businesses need to make sure they have access to the right tools.

You’re the boss and have been building successful teams now for several years. Your eye for talent and your intuition about a person’s ‘fit’ is unmatched within the business. Only you can decide who to bring on board. 

Video interviewing is a core skill

Own the remote interview process: upgrade the tech and test it in advance; organize the interview and script out questions. 

Nail down your strategy for remote interviews. Create a well-rounded list of questions that cover their personality, background, and skillset.

It’s good video etiquette to maintain eye contact: not a glassed-out stare, but looking at the face of the person you’re interviewing, and transmitting your reactions clearly.

Establish a clear way for candidates to follow up with you.

Highlight remote work as a job perk – Today’s job seekers want more than a salary, they also want great perks. You of course can’t offer a cool office but you can attract talented candidates by letting them know they can work from anywhere in the world.

After the Interview

Once the interview process is completed, send a thank you note or email. Once you’ve chosen the lucky candidate, you’ll send them a job offer email or if rejected then also giving them a rejection letter via email. From the time it takes to hire after a position opens, it takes an average of 42 days to fill the position (across industries), makes sure the complete remote hiring is done under the same period.


The adoption of Remote Hiring technology has started gaining momentum, given the current scenario. But what started as a necessity can be turned into your weapon to transform your hiring process and help you strategize in ways you never thought of before.

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