Hire Now in just 4 Simple Steps

Signup for Hire@ and start hiring in less than 10 minutes…

Step 1

Log In into Hire@ Accounts

Click on the Login Button on top right corner or Click Here – to Login Into Hire@ Accounts
If you have not created an account yet – then Click Here – Signup for Hire@ Accounts.

Step 2

Fill in the Requirement Form

After logging Into Hire@ Accounts – You will see a button named  “Requirement Form” – Click on the button a form will appear – Just fill in the details like – Post, Salary Range, Department – after filling in the details just click on submit.

Step 3

Schedule Online/Offline Interviews with one click

Hire@ will send you 4-5 most appropriate candidates according to your requirements. You schedule offline as well as online interviews with just one click. Just click on Schedule Interview – select the date and timing – that’s it – the interview will get scheduled. 

Step 4

Hire Skilled and Validated Employees

Hire@ only suggests candidates that have cleared our 5 Level Pre Employment Screening Program – Our Process follows a skill & efficiency check – background check as well as complete employee history and civil check. So all you have to do is Hire the candidate you like.