About Us

We have created an Intelligent Hiring Technology

Hire@ is an AI Powered Advance Hiring & Recruitment System by Geop. It understands the needs and hiring requirements of your company and helps you hire appropriate and skilled employees to get the job done. Hire@ not only saves your company precious time but also help you save a lot of money that would have been wasted on time and capital consuming things : like Posting Vacancies, Shortlisting Candidates,

Multiple Interviews and Evaluation, Induction and Training, Hire@ has simplified the hiring process, All you have to do is : Log In on HIRE@ – Tell us what you need by filling a Requirement Form and we will give you Skilled and Evaluated Candidates with prior Induction and Training. What can be simpler than that…

We have created a new and simple way of hiring, this new way makes hiring as simple as ordering food delivery or booking a hotel on an app, just make a few clicks and its done.

– Ujjwal Nigam
  Co – Founder Hire@

Why Choose Us?



From knowing what you need to getting it, our system takes only a few days.



Hiring is simpler than ever. Now you can hire any number of people in 4 simple steps.



Our system understands what you need and gives you results according to your requirements.



Hire@ saves you a lot of time and of money by eliminating all the unnecessary elements.


Cost Effective

True value for money. It costs way less than your yearly Netflix subscription. 


Very Reliable

Our System works on advanced A.I. and Hiring Tech. It has an error ratio of less than 1 : 10k.


Future Insights

Our AI is smart, It helps you strategise by giving you future Insights of HR Industry.


Long Term​

We are here to stay with you in the long run. As your company grows we help you hire.